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About Us

I am from Cusco Peru having as my first language the Quechua ancestral language of the Incas,from a very young age I had the opportunity to visit the land of my mother in which enjoy the unique landscape that nature offers us and share the ancestral traditions with The people who remain latent in that place, hence the passion and love for nature and traditions of my ancestors, now I am given the opportunity to start another stage of my life, first as a guide, experience with more than 15 years Leading groups, Guiding and teaching traditions and meeting people from different parts of the world which the vast majority of tourists have the purpose of enjoying the landscape scenes and living culture, which is a pride to have and preserve it, was one of the reasons to do this Agency and how not to mention my strength, I mean my family my wife and my three adorable children that without them would not fulfill this purpose.


Offer unique tourist services having a personalized attention with each of our passengers “lovers of nature and photography”, the staff that accompanies us has as “back-to-nature” slogan, which is our commitment to do well Things having always in mind to respect the nature is so that our human team (guides, cooks porters all of them Quechuas) receive trainings.

We practice and understand sustainable and responsible tourism which benefits directly or indirectly the local people in which all tourists are involved throughout their tour, making them have a nice experience in their life and unforgettable.

It is specialized in travel packages for families and friends who want to have a nice experience in our country and mainly Cusco and Machu Picchu include hotels, restaurants, transportation, guides, income to Machu Picchu, Train tickets, and everything necessary for your trip, Tourist / natural and cultural circuits, designed by and for travelers.


For 2020 be a reference for travelers who love nature, photography and adventure when planning and making their trips, characterized by good service.

Social projects

We have our projects of social assistance to communities of lower resources as well as: assistance of doctors nurses from abroad and from Peru.

Visiting schools in communities, carrying school supplies.

Visit at Christmas bringing joy and gifts to them.

Support with the English language in the centers of initial and primary education in peripheral areas and of lower economic resources. “With the support of our foreign Volunteers”.

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