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Snowstorm My friend and I were scheduled for the Salkantay Pass trek but the day our trek was to begin a freak snowstorm hit (hadn't snowed in Cuzco in 20 years). We started our trek while still snowing. Unfortunately my travel partner was experiencing some altitude issues and in conjunction with the snow we thought it best to curtail our hike. Percy drove the 3 hours from Cuzco to pick us up (his nephew Edson was guiding) and we met him shortly after lunch. He rearranged his schedule and took us on guided tours of the Sacred Valley and the other sites during the time we were scheduled to be trekking. Which was awesome. Can't say enough about Percy and Edson as they saved our trip from being a disappointment. Percy was able to get us passes to do the Huanya Picchu hike (next to Machu Picchu) which typically you have to book months in advance. Percy and Edson's knowledge and passion are immense and I would strongly recommend using them for anybody considering a trip in the region
The BEST tour available in Cusco! Visit the Sacred Valley and Cusco with knowledgable locals My travel partner and I went on a full day tour of the Sacred Valley with Percy and Rebecca and a half day tour of Cusco sites with Percy. They were so accommodating and very flexible with our schedule during both tours. We loved being able to go at our own pace and not feel rushed. They were able to take us wherever we wanted to go and cater the tour to what we were interested in seeing. It was also great to have the personal attention of the guides and be able to learn and ask all about the region and history. Percy speaks great English, Rebecca is learning but she was so sweet and will be an awesome guide when she learns. During our tour of the Sacred valley they took us to some view points, Incan ruins in Pisaq, an Incan silver and stone manufacturer, delicious lunch in the valley, Ollantaytambo and the ruins there, and an alpaca weaver in Chinchero. Percy had a book with pictures and diagrams to explain the history of the region and the Incan lifestyle, he was very knowledgable and a great teacher. During our drives to the next sites we asked them many questions about modern Peruvian lifestyle, the government, and their lives. We learned so much about Percy and Rebecca, the Incas, and Peru. On our drive back to Cusco they pulled over so we could jump out of the van to look at the stars since we can't see them at home. The only thing we wish we had was more hours in the day to spend with them! After we returned from doing part of the Inca trail we had scheduled another half day tour with Percy to see some of the sites around Cusco. He took us to Saqsaywaman, and 3-4 other Incan ruins around Cusco. Percy taught us more about the Incas in Cusco and recommended other museums for us to check out in Cusco. I could not imagine a better tour available. Percy and Rebecca are both very genuine and kind tour guides that love what they are doing. Being able to connect and learn from them absolutely made our trip to Peru.
Great experience! Percy was awesome! He was so knowledgable and fun throughout my group's trip! I really appreciated how encouraging he was throughout the journey.
Samuel A
Highly Recommend Montes Travel Peru If you are traveling to Peru and especially Machu Picchu, I would highly recommend using Montes Travel Peru! We were able to have a trip of a lifetime due to the incredible experience of working with Percy and his team. From planning, Percy was quick to respond to any questions and helped us secure all needed permits, transport, and excursions for our trip. He even offered to pick us up from the Cusco airport himself. The 4D3N Inca Trail hike was perfect with everything planned for us so we could enjoy the trek. The ride to the drop off was great and the driver was very nice! On the hike, we had an incredible team of porters and our guide Robinzon was amazing. It was a much better experience working with Montes Travel versus the larger companies such as Llama Path, Alpaca Expeditions, and G Adventures. We had a more personalized trip with a more authentic experience versus being with a lot of other people. The larger companies also didn’t seem to have much flexibility in their schedules and missed out on a lot of opportunities. Our porter team was amazing and everyone was incredibly supportive and friendly. Our chef Mario was very talented and the food for each meal was delicious. Our guide Robinzon was very supportive and knowledgeable and felt like he was a part of our family by the end of the trip. He taught us everything we needed to know about the local history and culture, animals and plants, and much more. Robinzon did a fantastic job on helping us pace our group get through the difficult parts of the hike. If you are considering hiking the Inca Trail, I would recommend no other company than Montes Travel Peru. Percy does a great job in both supporting his clients and his team and would use him again next time we visit Peru.
Claire H
Personalized, capable, and knowledgeable tour operators We are so happy that we traveled with Montes Travel. Percy was so organized and planned everything impeccably - he even met us for lunch before the trip to go over the final details. We had full trust in him and his group, not to mention he is a great guy who anyone would enjoy spending time with! Our guide, Robinzon, was personable and knowledgeable. One of our favorite parts about the trek was learning more about Quechuan culture thanks to Robinzon. The chef, Mario, made us incredible and nutritious meals at every stop. All of the porters were friendly, helpful, and encouraging. There is nothing quite like finishing a tough day’s hike to applause and hot tea waiting for you! We highly recommend booking with Percy and Montes Travel. We were so happy to be part of a small group that could go at our own pace and take in the views throughout the journey.
Ben A
Impeccable, authentic, and awe inspiring Percy runs a wonderful tour company that gives you an absolutely personal and authentic experience. From the initial communications with Percy, he was extremely accommodating and helpful. Every detail that I would normally have to fret over as a traveler in a foreign country was taken care of by Percy. He made it such that we could just show up and soak in all that the beautiful Peru has to offer. Our guide was Robinzon, who was incredible by every account. At every twist and turn along the Inca Trail he was sharing a deep knowledge of the history and local culture, both past and present. He did a wonderful job pacing our group, we never had to worry about whether we would be too early or too late because he was always on top of the timing. Robinzon grew up just a few kilometers from the start of the trail and it was immediately clear that he knew every inch of the trail. If you’re looking for an experience that’s authentic to the local culture, there is no better guide than Robinzon! Lastly the food along the way was impeccable. Our cook’s name was Mario and he did a fantastic job. When we showed up to our first meal, lunch on the first day, all of us were speechless. We were out here on the Inca Trail and we were looking at a set table that felt like fine dining. Every lunch and dinner was a 3-5 course meal. The combination of ingredients, flavors, sauces, and plating felt like an impossible achievement in the Peruvian wilderness. I’ll be raving to all of my friends about not just an amazing trek but the amazing Montes Travel Peru company that made it all happen!
Montes Travel Perú…Lo máximo Persy sin duda es un guía excelente!!! Lo súper recomiendo para cualquier tour en Cusco y sus alrededores…todos los tours que hicimos con el fueron fuera de serie…No duden en viajar a Cusco y tener a Persy cómo su guía privado…la verdad que el hace hasta lo imposible para que su viaje sea ameno e inolvidable…tiene mucha experiencia en su trabajo …su conocimiento y sus tips harán que su viaje sea todo un éxito
Cusco y sus alrededores! Lago Humantay, Raiinbow Mountain, Valle Sagrado y MachuPicchu Nos recomendaron a Persy Montes para nuestro viaje a MachuPicchu y fue la mejor decision que tomamos. Tener un guia privado y sobre todo Percy fue espectacular, su servicio, paciencia y sus consejos nos ayudaron a tener un viaje exitoso. Visitamos los siguientes sitios: Lago Humantay, La montana de 7 colores, El valle sagrado, Cusco y porsupuesto MachuPicchu. No se cual me gusto mas, todos los sitios son lindos, magicos!!!! El servicio de transporte excelente y el chofer Tony muy bueno, el van super limpio tambien. Persy sin duda tiene mucha experiencia en su trabajo, su especialidad es "El Inca Trail" nosotros no tuvimos la oportunidad de hacerlo, pero todo lo que hicimos con el fue mas alla de nuestras expectativas, Gracias Percy y su sobrino Edson por hacer de este paseo inolvidable Persy Montes was recommended to us for our trip to Machu Picchu and it was the best decision we made. Having a private guide and above all Percy was spectacular, his service, patience and advice helped us have a successful trip. We visit the following sites: Lake Humantay, The Mountain of 7 Colors, The Sacred Valley, Cusco and of course Machu Picchu. I don't know which one I liked more, all the places are beautiful, magical!!!! The excellent transportation service and the driver Tony very good, the van super clean too. Persy certainly has a lot of experience in his work, his specialty is "The Inca Trail" we did not have the opportunity to do it, but everything we did with him was beyond our expectations, Thank you Percy and his nephew Edson for making this trip unforgettable
Amazing experience!!! We had an amazing experience on our Inca trail trek. Percy is a patient and caring guide who made sure we got through this journey safe and sound, encouraging us through the rough days. It was also a pleasure to have Nely (Percy's wife) on the trek with us as well, so sweet and kind ! The timing for our arrival at Macchu Picchu was planned perfectly as we avoided the huge crowds. We felt like we had our own private viewing :). William was a wealth of knowledge about the Inca history, the vegetation and we enjoyed so many stories from his years of experience. We were so fortunate to have both Percy and William as they were born and raised in the Cusco area and were both very passionate about their culture. The food was spectacular! So amazing what these talented chefs can do with just a few supplies in the mountains! The porters were so encouraging as they cheered us on as we arrived to our camps at the end of the days, we truly appreciated all their hard work. We'll always remember our trekking family on our journey to Macchu Picchu, thank you for everything, xx
Pelayo R
Huaran-Lares Ha sido una Aventura increíble. No es una ruta típica pero es 100% recomendable. Percy es un guía excelente, sabe muchísimo acerca de la cultura local y organizó el viaje a las mil maravillas. Viajamos durante 4 días por unos lugares alucinantes acompañados por un chef y su ayudante (mención especial porque hacían una comida exquisita) y con dos arrieros para el equipaje, además de Percy. Todo fue estupendo. Muy recomendable.

Trek Choquequirao 4D / 3N

Choquequirao (“Cuna de Oro”), también llamada la “Ciudad Perdida”, fue descubierta en el siglo XVIII por un explorador francés y desde entonces ha fascinado a los exploradores de siglos posteriores. También fue visitada por Hiram Bingham antes de descubrir Machu Picchu. Grandiosa y misteriosa, esta ciudad abandonada tiene muchas cosas en común con Machu Picchu y existen varias teorías respecto de su función. Sin embargo, la limpieza y puesta en valor del lugar gracias a COPESCO (organismo encargado del turismo en el Perú) es reciente, pero aún existe mucho por descubrir. Ubicada en el bosque nublado, a 1,150 m.s.n.m. Sobre el río Apurímac y rodeada por un fascinante paisaje creado por la cordillera del Vilcabamba, Choquequirao tiene todo lo que un trekker puede buscar. Sin embargo, dada su remota ubicación, son pocos los turistas que se atreven a visitar este lugar. Por suerte, COPESCO ha construido un puente que cruza el río Apurímac, haciendo de Choquequirao un lugar más accesible.


Día 1: Cusco – Capuliyoc – Santa Rosa Baja

Por la mañana lo recogeremos de su hotel para iniciar el viaje hasta Capuliyoc (2,800m.s.n.m) en el trayecto nos detendremos en distrito de curawasi lugar donde podrá tomar desayuno luego alrededor una hora más llegaremos finalmente a capuliyoc (4horas de viaje aprox). De este lugar comenzaremos con nuestra caminata descenderemos por 2:30 horas, teniendo una hermosa vista de rio y valle del Apurímac así como la vista a distancia de la ciudadela inca de choquequirao hasta el caserío de chiquisca (1,930m.sn.m.) Lugar donde será nuestro almuerzo, luego de una siesta continuaremos con nuestra caminata con dirección hacia la playa Rosalinas (1550 m.s.n.m), lugar más bajo de nuestra caminata para luego subir la pendiente por dos horas aprox. con dirección a Santa Rosa (2100 m.s.n.m) lugar de nuestro primer campamento.

Día 2: Santa Rosa – Marampata – Sunchupata – Choquequirao

Luego del delicioso desayuno empezaremos nuestra caminata ascendiente este trayecto es el más difícil el cual lo haremos en tres horas, para luego llegar al caserío de Maranpata (2850 m.s.n.m) la escena paisajística es súper bella así como la vista cada vez más cerca la ciudadela inca de choquequirao, durante este trayecto se podrá apreciar todo el camino del primer día y la vegetación que existe en este lugar luego recorreremos un tramo recto con dirección a Sunchupata lugar donde nos registraremos, y luego continuamos una hora más hasta el campamento de choquequirao ahí será nuestro almuerzo, luego solo a media hora visitaremos el resto de la tarde la gran ciudadela de choquequirao veremos cóndores así como la escena paisajística única esperando la puesta del sol luego retornaremos al campamento, esperándonos una deliciosa cena.

Día 3: Choquequirao – Chiquisqa

Muy temprano desayunando (5:00 am) teniendo la vista de choquequirao. Contemplando por última vez empezamos nuestra caminata de retorno pasando por Sunchupata y comenzar a descender hasta Santa Rosa, para luego descender hasta la playa Rosalinas lugar donde tendremos nuestro delicioso almuerzo que siempre que estará cargo de nuestro cocinero la preparación. Luego de la siesta empezaremos ascender por unas tres horas hasta el lugar llamado coca masana, lugar de nuestro campamento, este campamento tiene una vista del valle del Apurímac, la puesta del sol es maravillosa en este lugar.

Día 4: Coca Masana – Capuliyoc

Un buen desayuno será servido en coca masana luego un ascenso gradual de tres horas hasta capuliyoc que es la pendiente que se bajó en el primer día que es más suave, llegando al mirador de capuliyoc disfrutaremos por última vez la cuidad inca de choquequirao así como de la escena paisajística que nos regala la pachamama (madre tierra) ahí en s lugar también tendremos nuestro último almuerzo para luego abordar nuestro transporte que nos llevara de regreso a Cusco. En el trayecto apreciaremos flora y faunas exóticas, así como vistas de los imponentes nevados y el impresionante cañón del Apurímac. Por la tarde nos trasladaremos a los baños termos medicinales de Qonoq donde reposaremos por espacio de una hora y continuar luego a la ciudad del Cusco al que llegaremos a las 8:00 pm traslado al hotel y fin de nuestros servicios.



  • Reunión de información previa a la caminata.
  • Traslado en bus de turismo del hotel al punto de inicio de la caminata y de retorno al Cusco.
  • 1 boleto de ingreso al complejo de Choquequirao.
  • Servicio de guía oficial de turismo.
  • Servicio de cocinero de experiencia y asistente.
  • Servicio de arrieros y animales de carga para transportar el equipo, la comida y los efectos personales de los clientes.
  • Transporte de retorno Capuliyoc / Cusco/traslado al Hotel.

No incluye:

  • Bolsa de dormir (opcional puede rentarlo).
  • Propinas a guías, cocineros y porteadores.

Recomendamos llevar:

  • Pasaporte original
  • Una mochila cómoda.
  • Zapatos de caminata.
  • Pantalón largo y corto.
  • Polos de manga larga y corta.
  • Casaca ligera y abrigadora.
  • Bloqueador solar.
  • Sombrero o gorra.
  • Poncho impermeable.
  • Repelente para insectos.
  • Botiquín de primeros auxilios
  • Utensilios de aseo personal.

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