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Tour Maras Moray & Salineras Half Day

Tour to Moray Salinas Maras, This is a non traditional circuit to which we are taking a lot of importance nowadays the Tour Moray Salineras Maras by its beauty of the nature that can be observed and the agricultural works of our settlers also in the route we will be able to see two Very large lagoons like PIURAY and WAYPO are fresh water around the route, we will also have archeological centers that we will visit of the Inca culture where we will know the history of the Incas. MONTES TRAVEL PERU tour operator can show you the wonders that we offer you.


Our tour takes place every day from 8:30 am from the cusco’s square of arms and the return will be 14:30 pm. The first place we will visit is at MORAY archaeological center which is located approximately 57 kilometers.


This archaeological center is unique. Many chroniclers and researchers say that it could be a laboratory and agricultural research center for the layout of its circular Inca terraces, which were clearly to generate microclimates as colder temperatures to higher temperatures gradually reducing their temperatures and can differentiate up to more than 20 Different climates don adapted more than 350 different plants. Then we will go to Maras.


This town was called as a village of Assisi de maras in the Spanish era because it was founded by PEDRO ORTIZ DE ORUE it is said that this town was very important to evangelize the people of Maras and their circles in the same way today we can see in Its cover of the houses carved in rocks the shields of the religion also tell that the Arrieros were forced to transport the agricultural products thus cusco.luego continuing with our visit we will arrive at Las Salinas de maras:


This place is known as the salt mines is made up of about 400 small salt pits. It is built on the mountain of kachi qata, from where it comes in salt water. This place was very important since the Inca times because the Incas gave a very valuable use for food such as charki or stuffed meat. Nowadays salt is still being extracted to export Asia Europe, to obtain the salt the settlers have to fill the well after allowing the water to evaporate and the salt remains if it is carried out for a month or more until obtaining the volume and The solides of salt. Then we will return directly to Cusco.

Maras Moray and visit the salt mines is a half day excursion, departing at 8:30 and 9:00 am from your hotel, returning at 14:30.



  • Professional guide.
  • Transportation (social service).

Not included:

  • Price of the entrance (tourist ticket) to Moray and the Salt mines (salt mines).


  • Good sturdy shoes
  • Comfortable clothing and warm clothing to ride a bicycle
  • Cap or hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Waterproof or poncho, depending on the weather
  • Water and Snacks
  • Camera
  • Some money for registration fees and souvenirs

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